A natural beauty: the hornet


Now I know I haven’t added a single blog post for a long time… but I haven’t been idle! The hot summer and pleasant autumn weather have meant I get to spend a lot of time outside. A bit of rain in September meant that all the weeds which had kept their quiet during the drought started growing like mad so I needed to do some maintenance. Not too much though. I prefer plants to bare soil.

And then I spotted this beauty. I’ve waited ages hoping for another glimpse (and the opportunity to take more photos) but here she (?) is:


I’ve read a bit about (European) hornets. Apparently they feed their larvae other insects. I also came across some blogs about European hornets in the USA even attacking a dragonfly and killing it. Unless dragonflies are more agressive in Europe (used to handling hornets?) I don’t think they’ll be a big problem though.

As the allotment season is finally winding down a bit (I should hope, by the end of October!) I hope to spend some more time with my blog in the coming months. Hope you enjoy my photos!