About me

Blogging since August 2012, mother of an ‘I’m a big boy’ little boy. Have a part-time day job. If I’m not working or building sand castles I’m probably (re)reading a science fiction book, filling up my Buffer, watching television, or going outside for a bit of gardening or train spotting with our ‘little one’.

When I started out, I knew this wasn’t going to be a mommy blog, I keep a journal for that sort of thing – in Dutch, on paper 😉

About my ContentRambler blog

ContentRambler topics range from content creation, content curation and blogging to social business, social media and online marketing – and possibly art history. The ContentRambler blog aims to give you background information and tips as well as good reads on each topic.

What’s in a name: Content Rambler

  1. My life as a student and as an employee has always been in some way related to content. Whether it’s art or archive, my activities always circle my home planet called Content.
  2. Limiting myself too much by rigidly sticking to a single topic would not work, at least not at first. I would allow myself to discover new angles.
  3. I like wandering around and admiring the view. If my view includes a painting, so much the better – I got my Dutch “Drs.” title in art history back in 1998 so you may find the odd post about art in here too.
  4. I have been known to talk a lot given the right subject. This told me I was unlikely to produce many short posts. 😉

If you want to know more about why and how I started my blogging adventure, you may find a lot about that in my first blog post.

Observation regarding the content of my ‘business’ posts

It’s worth mentioning right now that I’m one of those people who apply knowledge in writing a blog which they don’t need (to the same extent, or in the same way) at their day job.

For that reason I will share my observations on topics like the nature of organizations and the people in them and refer to literature on a subject for further reading rather than tell you “this is the way to go”. My day job does not involve things like “strategic change management” although I don’t see how I could possibly avoid them in the current “social business” movement. And to be honest, I don’t want to because I’m way too interested in the subject.

I learn and explore by writing and that means two things:

  • You may safely assume I’m thinking aloud in some cases
  • You’re welcome to add your thoughts in a comment. I don’t claim to know every topic I write about down to the finest details!

ContentRambler and me on social media

My primary Twitter account focuses on social media, social business, content marketing, social media marketing.

My ContentRambler Twitter account focuses on the content, content creation, blogging and writing aspects. This is also the account where I will share links about art, literature and science from time to time.

If you prefer Facebook over Twitter, you can find my page here. So far I’m spending way more time on Twitter, but I will take note of anything happening on my Facebook page 😉

And in case you think you know me professionally, visit my LinkedIn profile.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love reading ‘Abouts’ 🙂 Welcome, newbie blogger. You’re pretty savvy with your IT.

    I’m interested to read your link on your first post now…

    • Thanks, I updated my ‘About’ page last week. I can blame myself and various employers for my IT skills 🙂 Among hard core IT people I wouldn’t look so knowledgeable.
      Question is: when do you stop being a newbie at anything?

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