100 blog posts, or how to write and write again

Knowing like I know that there are plenty of bloggers out there who publish daily and/or have been longer at it and who must be so far beyond their 100th blog post they can’t even see it with a telescope on a clear day, still I can’t keep from wondering how I made it this far.

Too many ideas to write about…

100 blog posts ContentRamblerAt first I only published once a week. But I sat down to blog every single night, just to build a routine. I had so many ideas they wouldn’t fit into one post, I’d add and edit until I had several topics jumbled up into one blog post. That’s when I wrote How to add focus to every post 😉

Publishing twice a week worked for a while. I would have loved to publish more often but felt I would never get away from my blog if I went down that road.

…or too few

Lately, I’ve been down to publishing once a week. Twice if I can manage it. Having little time for randomly reading, not a lot of energy to take an interest in ‘content’ matters, has meant less ideas for new posts.

And so I ended up publishing my 100th blog post on Friday 13th about the Muse of desperate bloggers 😀

So, how do you get inspired to blog?

  • For business topics, make sure you have the energy to read about those topics. Go to a congress. Have conversations. Have work-related fun.
  • For more personal matters, what it takes is something that really touches you – it doesn’t really matter if it’s a positive experience. A good rant can make someone else’s day. Completely.
  • What every blog posts needs is just one thought. One coherent, compelling thought. From there you build the supports to hold that one compelling thought above the water. Keep writing until your thought is seaworthy.

These three things have helped me come up with a lot of ideas so far, and to hammer those ideas into a useful shape. And sometimes I had no idea what to write about so I just sat down and wrote, no, I rambled aimlessly until one coherent (possibly compelling) thought rose to the surface for me to elaborate upon.

You can write when you have no idea what to write about. Writing is about doing. It’s about letting your fingers take charge and run away with you. Sometimes they know where you should go even though your conscious mind draws a clueless, hopeless blank.

I guess this is why writers say the only way to improve your writing is by writing. Have you considered teaching your kids how to ride a bike by showing them a book about it?

100 posts on my blog. 101 when I next hit ‘Publish’. A big thank-you to you for being there to read my blog posts!

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